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August 2017

John C

The Ornithologist

Many of us like to look at the birds that come into our gardens. We enjoy watching ducks fly in formation or swallows nest-building and raising their chicks.

We will have noticed the mother bird happily feeding her fledglings.

Also if you have ever kept domestic hens you will have seen the mother-hen making sure that her chicks do not wander away, and shielding them with her wings.

The Bible tells us that on one specific day The Lord Jesus looked over Jerusalem and wished that he could care for its inhabitants by gathering them under His wing to keep them from being polluted by the world in which they lived.

But like many today they did not want Him, and they crucified him on a Roman gibbet.

He wants to gather you in the same way, and want you to be safe for eternity by trusting him as your personal Saviour and Lord.

Please don’t reject Him, but rather trust in Him.