The Boy From Our City.

Liverpool is a great city, full of beautiful old buildings like St Georges Hall and the “Graces ” at the Pier Head. One of our old boys, lived in the very posh streets up by Abernathy Square.

His father was a shipping magnet in the mid 1700’s, during the period when Liverpool made much riches in the Triangular Trade. This involved sailing to West Africa, picking up slaves who had been captured, sending them to the West Indies or USA, and bringig back cargoes such as sugar or cotton .

Our subject worked for his father and was involved in this nasty business. He soon became a hard drinking and swearing captain, feared by his crew. Things changed on one return journey to England. A massive storm blew up and made even this hard man quake with fear. He even turned to prayer and promised God that he would follow him if God saved his life.

He was true to his word, he trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord, and left the sea. He even was one of the people who had Parliament outlaw slavery altogether.

The person that we have heard about was none other than the writer of the famous hymn Amazing Grace, JOHN NEWTON.