When a boy and girl meet for the first time they both know if they are attracted to each other. They exchange glances,smiles, and small talk.

As they get to know each other a little better,then if their relationship is to be a meaningful one, their feelings for each other grows deeper and deeper.

In a successful marriage those feelings do not lessen, they may change, they do not reduce.

In some relationships one party can take the other for granted, the initial deep love can therefore fall away.

In Revelation Ch 3 Vs 14, Jesus through the John the writer of the Book, told the Church in Laodicia that they had lost their first passion and love for Him.

Jesus told them that they were neither hot nor cold but lukewarm in their feelings for Him.

How do you and I stand up to this same examination?

If we have trusted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour are we still  living close to him?

If we have never accepted what he did for us on the Cross, we have not even entered into a relationship with him yet.