The weather has now started to improve and the snow is disappearing. At first it was the problem of getting to work through the snow. It’s now the problem of burst pipes and flooding.

Too much water is a problem, but having no water due to a burst water main or pipe, is much worse as you end up with no water at all. You have to resort to bottled water for drinking, cooking and essential washing,

Water is often mentioned in the Bible. God parted the waters of the Red Sea to allow the Children of Israel to cross. He also provided them with a good supply while they were crossing the desert.

Jesus once asked a lady from the town of Samaria for a drink of water from a local well. He was thirsty and tired from travelling  on the road. She brought him a cold cup of the water from the adjacent well.

Jesus promised her some special water, after which you would never thirst again. This was not like the water from the tap or the well, but a spiritual refreshment to her soul.She accepted his offer.

Have you asked him for this special water he is offering you?

Trust him as your Lord and Saviour and he will wash you clean of all your sins and refresh your innermost being i.e. YOUR SOUL.