I don,t know about you, but now the nights have become darker earlier as we go into Winter, I miss the light evenings. This is because you cannot get the same amount of work done in the garden.

Your work is restricted to the daytime when it is light enough to see clearly what you are doing.

It can be dangerous to be cutting and pruning with sharp tools when you cannot see properly. You may damage yourself as well as the plants and trees.

Jesus claims that HE IS the light of the world. He brought us awareness of the difference between SIN and PURITY. Darkness and Light.

If we each look at our own lives, we all are aware of our many failings. Aware of our sinful natures.

I know I am.

He is light, being perfect , and we are darkness because we sin and so we are not perfect.

But the great thing is that he can make us perfect, in and through his  perfection. He made this available to us when he died on the Roman cross. The perfect one dying for the sinner.

But you cannot just leave it there, you need to take it for yourself and believe it was for you that he died.

Then you will be always living in the light of his love.