Jesus told His disciples that it was their task to “Go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”  (AV Mark 16:15)

At Trinity we are in the same way disciples of the same risen Lord, and so we seek to take on the same tasks. Rainhill is part of this world to whom Jesus told us to preach.

We have 3 key audiences for this website.

  • Those who do not know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

For this reason we are seeking to make them aware of their spiritual needs, and the location of Trinity Church, where they can hear how their needs can be met. We have a specific article called “What is a Christian?” which should help those people seeking answers.

This site also contains a number of sermons they can listen to which will also point out the claims of Christ on them as individuals.

  • Reaching those who do know Jesus as Saviour and Lord but do not live in the immediate area

These individuals may be either looking for a new regular place of worship or are visiting the area and, are looking for a group of Christians with whom they can join in fellowship and worship.

This site contains details of our meetings and events, together with location information and directions.

  • Meeting the information needs of existing church members.

We have a monthly church bulletin and a comprehensive monthly calendar detailing church events and activities.